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Oklahoma Mattress is known in Oklahoma for being the "go to" company.

Did you know that if a local furniture store, mattress company, or other retail store cannot provide a specific mattress for a client, they send them to us!
Our custom products fit YOUR comfort needs!


LIMITED NUMBER: Highly Discounted Adjustable Smart-Bed Bases


We've purchased a few Dr. Oz "Good Life" Adjustable Bed Bases -- at an Incredibly LOW PRICE!
We're passing these savings on to you.

This bed is LOADED with special features and technology: click here to see pictures and summary.
Call us for more help or come on in to try them out.

We specialize in ADJUSTABLE BED BASES and have many types from which you can choose.
Here's some of our other adjustable bed bases: adjustable bed bases

And, to make your Best Sleep Ever, we'll build a custom mattress at a great price to go with this bed!

Call us. Best. Sleep. Ever. 405-235-1142

Ergomotion Adjustable Bases

Quest 1.0

In addition to being our most affordable model, our Quest 1.0 is also a great way to experience just how much an Ergomotion adjustable base can enhance your lifestyle. Its slim profile lets you use it on an existing bed platform, or you can opt for our 12-inch adjustable/stackable legs. It offers the same build quality as our entire Quest line, silent drive motors, and features a wired remote for easy, in-bed adjustments.



Quest 2.0

The Quest 2.0 adds foot articulation to your bed (as well as the standard head articulation). And it makes a huge difference. Read in bed, meditate in bed, relax your spine, work on your laptop, watch a movie. Get ready for your day, or wind down at the end of it. With a Quest 2.0, you have everything you need to start living the way you want to.


Quest2 2.5
Quest 2.5

Not too big, not too small. Not too costly, but rich in features. Ergomotion’s Quest 2.5 adjustable base gives you everything you want, but is still compact, versatile, and affordable. The Quest 2.5 adds programmable presets, underbed lighting, dual USB ports, and even our voice activated Hello Ergo system. It can turn your bedroom into a work-from-home office and a get-away-from-work retreat. Start your day with meditation, and end it with a relaxing, zero-gravity experience. The Quest 2.5 lets you do it all.

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